Aaron Weiss
A photo of Aaron!

I'm Aaron (they/them), and I'm a Software Engineer & Language Designer at Roblox working on Luau, a gradually-typed scripting language derived from Lua. My efforts are primarily focused on the design of and developer experience with Luau's type system.

Outside of work, I'm a FromSoft fanatic, chronic Savage raider in the critically-acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, and a lover of Dungeons & Dragons & other tabletop roleplaying games. In other media, I'm a hyperpop appreciator, especially brakence & underscores, and mecha anime enjoyer, especially Witch from Mercury & Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In my past life, I was an academic. I was a PhD student & NSF Fellow at Northeastern working on a formal semantics for Rust with Amal Ahmed. As an undergraduate, I worked with Arjun Guha on static verification and program repair for Puppet manifests.

  • Luau (lowercase u, /ˈlu.aʊ/) is a fast, small, safe, gradually typed embeddable scripting language derived from Lua. it is used as the official language for development on roblox.

  • sanguinello is a software gardening project to gradually & sustainably build a small, safe, typed embeddable scripting language that can make application programming fun.

  • Theraphosa is a fully client-side, web-based environment for a small Python-inspired functional programming language featuring a simple web IDE with a compiler to wasm.

  • diet coke is a simple functional language inspired by koka with a type-and-effect system featuring row-polymorphic effects and hindley-milner type inference.

  • the irc crate is an asynchonous & usability-focused client library for the irc protocol. it aims to be compliant with rfc2812, ircv3, and popular ircds in use today.