Aaron Weiss
A photo of Aaron!

Hi, I'm Aaron (she/they) from the Luau team. I work as a Software Engineer at Roblox where my efforts are primarily focused on the design of and developer experience with Luau's type system. Its gradual type system is really quite fun, featuring powerful features like semantic subtyping, typestate, and partial type operators.

Outside of work, I'm a FromSoft fanatic, chronic Savage raider in the critically-acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, and a lover of Dungeons & Dragons, Lancer & other ttrpgs. In other media, I'm a hyperpop appreciator, especially brakence & underscores, and mecha anime enjoyer, especially Witch from Mercury & Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In my past life, I was an academic. I was a PhD student & NSF Fellow at Northeastern working on a formal semantics for Rust with Amal Ahmed. As an undergraduate, I worked with Arjun Guha on static verification and program repair for Puppet manifests.

  • Luau (lowercase u, /ˈlu.aʊ/) is a fast, small, safe, gradually typed embeddable scripting language derived from Lua. it is used as the official language for development on roblox.

  • sanguinello is a software gardening project to gradually & sustainably build a small, safe, typed embeddable scripting language that can make application programming fun.

  • Theraphosa is a fully client-side, web-based environment for a small Python-inspired functional programming language featuring a simple web IDE with a compiler to wasm.

  • diet coke is a simple functional language inspired by koka with a type-and-effect system featuring row-polymorphic effects and hindley-milner type inference.

  • the irc crate is an asynchonous & usability-focused client library for the irc protocol. it aims to be compliant with rfc2812, ircv3, and popular ircds in use today.